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what we can do for your production

Aerial Craft understand the production process. If you want to speak to us in pre production and discuss your potential locations, the action you want to shoot and what shots we can achieve we will be happy to talk you through all your options. We can inform you of our requirements and ensure you are correctly informed about a field with continually evolving technology and shifting regulations. On shoot days we know how to understand the director’s instructions, hit marks and offer consistent moves, take after take. We can deliver you data on the day, offer a full edited package or deliver footage anywhere in the world via secure AWS servers.

frequently asked questions

All Aerial Craft pilots & camera operators are fully licensed and qualified to operate UAVs. We believe by not only having our pilots qualified but our operators as well, adds an extra safety element to our operations in case of an emergency or illness to the pilot-in-command.

Aerial Craft holds a “Permission for Aerial Work” from the CAA for any multi-rotor rig under 20kg.

All equipment we provide during your shoot is fully insured and all our operations are covered by £5m public liability and indemnity insurance.

The best! Not only do you get a two person crew consisting of pilot & camera operator with years of experience in both fields, but you get our film production & location expertise allowing us to know how you operate, what you require and how to achieve the best possible shots.  All our equipment is individually selected form the latest state of the art technologies from around the globe and maintained to the most rigorous standards to provide you a service second to none.

Our standard multi-rotor package includes:

Highly skilled RPQ-s qualified pilot flying the latest state-of-the-art coaxial multi-rotor to achieve the most stable camera platform in UK weather conditions

Dedicated camera operator who has total independent control of the camera and industry leading MoVI gimbal from the UAV allowing him to achieve the most dynamic and exciting shots on the move while liaising with your production

Groundstation with full HD downlink and monitor with SDI & HDMI output to feed further video village or directors monitors as required

Ground Safety management control

4×4 Production vehicle to access all terrain

Advance aviation checks, remote site assessment, location agreements, risk assessments and weather updates

Full redundancy on all our kit

Wind and rain are the main elements that effect if we can fly or not.  Although we fly coaxial multi-rotors designed to cope with more adverse weather conditions, wind speeds gusting greater than 20mph start to become unsafe for the rig.  Below this we can fly, but we recommend wind speeds under 15mph to produce the smoothest and most precise footage without the need to use post stabilisation.  We try to avoid flying in rain (water and electronics are never a great combination!), however we can fly in light drizzle.

We generally recommend a tech recce so we can guarantee flight and provide you with a more complete risk assessment in advance of the shoot day.

It allows us to make a full visual inspection of the flight site so we can notify your production in advance of any potential restrictions or hazards we might face, as well as selecting safe areas for take-off and landings.  If operating in “locked off” environment we can ensure your production have the available resources to man this for the duration of our flights. It also allows us to consider CAA permissions, necessary local authority notifications and what discussions with residents and businesses are required and whether it’s your productions or our responsibility to notify them.

Our flight times vary depending on payload weight, weather conditions and type of manoeuvres.  In general with an Alexa Mini or RED Epic we can achieve flights of upwards of 10 minutes, with a DSLR setup flights are upwards of 15mins.

We carry enough batteries and charging equipment to keep the multi-rotor airborne for the majority of a shoot day as long as we are able to charge batteries on an on-going basis either via our portable generator or a mains feed.  A multi-rotor battery change takes around 3 minutes.  We ask you to allow time every few flights in order to rotate our batteries and keep on top of our charging schedule.

Due to the conditions placed on UAVs by the CAA a visual line of sight (VLOS) has to be maintained between the pilot and UAV at all times.  We can fly out 500m horizontally giving us a 1km radius although by operating from a vehicle this range can be extended.  Our standard maximum operating altitude is 400ft, however it is possible to get permission to fly higher if required.  In reality we rarely need to go anywhere near those distances to get you the shots you desire and we find safe practice is to assess the conditions and risks of individual scenarios.

Our rigs can achieve speeds of around 40mph in favourable weather conditions.

Absolutely, as long as there is enough space to safely do so. Some of our favorite flying is indoors! Check out our commercial for Mazda on our Projects page.

Once all site surveys, risk assessments and safety briefs have been completed we can generally be setup and ready for flight within 15 -20 minutes.

All quotes are tailored to the specific shoot, as no two jobs are ever the same.  We endeavour to be highly competitive on pricing while giving you the highest level of technical expertise as well as professional grade equipment and service.

The best way to book is either to email or over the phone so we can talk through the project requirements and offer the best solution. We’ll need to know exact details of your location so we can check whether there are any airspace restrictions – you can do this by sending us a postcode or Google earth link and we will do the rest.

We‘ll pencil in a booking as soon as you call, but to firm it up we require acceptance of our standard T&Cs, which will be sent out to you.  These include information on current governing regulations on what we can and can’t do.

Once you confirm a booking we provide you with a pre-flight site/risk assessment and our legal documents including Public Liability insurance.

In the lead up to your shoot we will provide you with regular weather updates. The day before, or in advance of travel will give you a ‘GO’ or ‘NO-GO’ based on the current weather data for your shoot location.  If we give you a ‘NO-GO’ you will not be charged for that day and we can set a contingency date.

However if conditions are changeable we will assess the chances of being able to make a flight and you can choose whether to take the risk and have us on standby. In this instance if we are unable to fly at all you will be liable for our costs plus a percentage of our fee to cover crew on location.

Aerial Craft take safety very seriously and believe better planning on the ground means we can be more creative in the sky.

The current Air Navigation Order requires flights to:

Maintain a distance of 50m from people and property not under full control of the production, this includes overflying roads, public footpaths, walkways and public spaces  (reduced to 30m during take off and landings).*

Maintain a minimum distance of 150m from crowds of over 1000 people.*

Maintain a minimum distance of 150m from congested areas with our RED Epic and Alexa Mini rigs.*

Maintain line of sight, no higher than 400ft above ground level and to a distance of 500m from pilot.*

Exemptions form these rules can be gained from the CAA in certain circumstances but this can take 2 to 3 weeks.*

*See diagrams below.