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Drones, cable cams and gimbals

Our drones are built and maintained by Aerial Craft in-house. We pride ourselves on having exactly the right equipment for each and every production. Whatever the size of your shoot we are able to offer a state of the art ground station which includes the latest SmallHD Directors monitor and a full HD zero latency downlink. We can always come with generators and wet weather cover so that we are able to shoot all-day unsupported.

AceCore NEO


Our Drones are built by us with the specific intention of flying film cameras. Our range of UAVs means we have the right drone to fly your or our Camera for any given project. We have extensive experience flying RED Dragon and Alexa MINI cameras.


Cable Cam

For those occasions when a drone is not viable, Aerial Craft operate a state of the art cable cam system, allowing us to always achieve those breathtaking aerial shots. Free of CAA regulations, the cable cam excels when it comes to operating over or within close proximity to crowds, wildlife, tight spaces, or when precisely reproducible tracking shots are required.

cablecam at work
movi pro armed with a red dragon


Our Gimbals are second to none, we hold the entire Movi range and we also own a few Gremsy’s, the new kid on the block. We can rent you a gimbal at an extremely competitive price and even provide you with a qualified Movi operator.