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Stunning aerials from a single point to point cable cam

We love our Cable Cam. For those occasions when a drone is not viable, Aerial Craft operate a state of the art system, giving us another way to achieve breathtaking aerial shots. Free of CAA regulations, the cable cam excels when it comes to operating over or within close proximity to crowds, wildlife, or when precise over-head tracking shots are required.

Our cable cam is a remote operated point-to-point camera system that stealthy glides along a stretched cable between two anchor points at speeds up to 50mph. Coupled with our advanced gyro stabilised heads we can operate a wide variety of cameras from DSLR’s through to RED Epic’s and Alexa Mini’s delivering consistently smooth stable footage. Requiring only one support cable the camera system can be quickly rigged between two anchor points making it the most versatile point to point systems available.

Get in touch for a demonstration

Not everyone has seen a cable cam at work if you want us to come and show you what the kit can do we’re more than happy to give you a demonstration. Just get in touch and we’ll come to you.